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Split Pea Soup

Sunday was beautiful spring day here in the northeast!  But still a bit of a chill so the day's menu included split pea soup.

Split pea soup and corn bread


Ranch Dressing

My family's favorite dressing was, for a long time, Buttermilk Ranch.  Since the allergy test results, dressings have become a challenge.  When you take away dairy, sesame, soy, garlic, eggs, vinegar (distilled is the only vinegar we can use), and lemon juice, there isn't much choice.  And when it is required to taste good... that narrows the choices even further.

Ranch Dressing- Vegan and Soy free but still delicious!

The kids liked ranch dressing better than any other type of dressing.  They ate it with everything:


Creme Brulee Anyone?

One of my favorites: milky, eggy, creamy with a crust of sugar on top.  *Sigh* and yum.

Creme Brulee- dairy, egg and soy free

But dairy-free and egg-free creme brulee?  Without tofu? Is it possible? 

Chocolate chip cookies- Ah!

Mmmm the slightly crisp outside, chewy inside and soft gooey chips.  So yummy hot out of the oven that they don't last long in my house

 Quinoa chocolate chip cookies hot from the oven!

Living life gluten free and dairy free makes for interesting baking.  Being egg free as well brings another whole level of interesting to baking. 



Who doesn't love chips/crisps?  Light little crisps of potato or corn cooked to golden perfection. Yum.

Hot from the fryer

We do, but when there is an issue with soy and peanuts in the family,


Arepas first, then story?  Or story and then arepas?  Mmmm.  Story first I think.  Then arepas (and spiced beef burgers) and you can chow.

Mark and I started this blog as a way to answer the question we are often asked: "What do you eat?"  We usually answer "Lots. Everything." and then falter with "Well we tweak things a bit.  We make almost everything..." and after a bit more stumbling around, we just shut our mouths and smile.  It is a bit awkward at best, confusing to every one more often.  But it is becoming a question we answer more and more often.

Our friends are noticing the changes in all of us and saying..."Hey, what do you eat?  What did



So, I used to be a good cook. I used to know what I was doing in a kitchen. Homemade breads, pastas, cheese dishes, and veggies galore (with sauces)! Then I married someone with a dairy allergy. Rough stuff since I had seven kinds of cheese in my fridge.
I went looking for good dairy free recipes, but in the wrong places. I went with recipes that gave substitutions but didn’t really take into account the difference between milk and water or juice. I gave up the stroganoff, alfredo, lasagna, ice cream, and other dairy heavy recipes I was used to making. We experimented with soy ice creams (Yick!), soy milk for puddings (ha! didn’t work!) and eventually just gave them up. Not the end of the world, but it was difficult to avoid dairy completely. What we didn’t know was that lurking in our future were some more food allergies. Gluten (egads!), still the dairy, and yeast (huh? people are allergic to yeast? Are you kidding me?). And not one type of yeast but