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Who doesn't love chips/crisps?  Light little crisps of potato or corn cooked to golden perfection. Yum.

Hot from the fryer

We do, but when there is an issue with soy and peanuts in the family,
suddenly buying chips is a quest.  Corn chips, potato chips over 85% have soy oil listed in the ingredients.  After buying several bags of chips that didn't have soy or peanut listed in the ingredients we realized that buying corn flour or bags of potatoes and making them ourselves was more fun than purchasing already made chips.  A quick trip through the slicer, quick dip into the oil, and presto!  Light golden crisps. 

Thinly sliced waiting to go for a swim.

So here is our recipe, simple as it is:

White potatoes sliced thin
corn or canola oil
salt or seasoning salt

Heat oil to 350F in deep fryer, electric skillet, or wok.  Add sliced potatoes and cook for 2-3 minutes.  Remove from oil and drain.  Salt or season to taste.  Enjoy!

First brave volunteers for the hot oil
Chips, spiced burgers, arepas, and Bunny BBQ

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