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A December Treat- Dairy Free Chocolate Covered Cashews and Cranberries

My husband used to travel a lot for work.   When that travel was to Chicago or through Chicago's O'Hare airport he brought back chocolate covered nuts for us!  He doesn't travel much for work any more and the kids were wishing the other day for chocolate covered cashews.   These were quick and easy to make and gone in the blink of an eye.  So I made more!  And thought I'd pass the recipe along to you.


Vanilla Peach Jam

Peach season is over in New England.  I bought the last peaches almost a week ago.  It is time to move on to apples.  And apple season is going to the be short since we've had frost already.  

But I still have a few peachy things to share.  The texture is funny for eating fresh out of the hand and they are not as juicy right now.  But they are still fantastic for jams and sauces!


Apple Crumble

Three cheers for Fall!  It's a great time of the year.  So beautiful with the leaves turning the cooler temperatures and fantastic sunsets.  If you come over to our house anytime of the year and you will likely be served apple crumble for desert.  It is a stand-by in our family.  However, right now is apple season!  So this is the absolute best time of the year for apple crumble.

Apple Crumble


Peach & Pepper Jam

I know, I know and I am so sorry.  It has been forever since I last wrote.

But now.... now I bring you something sweet with a touch of fire.  The amount of fire is up to you.  I will say that mine became hotter the longer it sat.  (Which was not all that long...)

Peach and Pepper Jam

I served it with scones the first night.  Over the next few days, the jam was slathered on a bagel with cream cheese (by a friend of mine), mixed into rice and beans, used to marinate chicken, and eaten by the spoonful straight from the jar. And would it ever be fantastic as a glaze on a lemon cake, less cooking and no pectin and it would be a fantastic salsa, or add a little oil, vinegar and salt, and voila! Salad dressing.  Yep, it was one of those recipes.  That recipe that starts as a vague thought, comes into being and transforms into more than you had imagined.  Time to make another batch!
Crushed peaches with  peppers


SunButter Drops

These are great if you need a quick little cookie.  They have three ingredients, go together easily, and are tasty!  So I thought they'd be a good little treat for Valentine's Day.  I know, I know... there's no chocolate.  You could melt some chocolate chips in a bain-marie and dip these.   Mmm, I may have to make another batch! 

Sunbutter drops


Mango and Potato Salad

Um, I can hear you.  Laughing at the fact the first recipe of the new year uses mangoes.   Yes, mangoes are one of my favorite fruits.  And I like to use them in unusual ways. So when I saw a dish that combined them with potatoes I thought... "Oh the yeah!  We're having that."  It is fantastic!  Sweet mangoes, tender potatoes, and caramelized onions with a spicy twist and tweak. 

Mango and potato salad