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A move and finally some new recipes coming

My apologies to all of you.  I got caught up in life and have neglected to post.  My husband was transferred over the summer and my time was split between work, kids and trying to get things organized to move to western Massachusetts.  We moved on weekends starting in October and are now settling in and getting back into our routines.

That doesn't mean we haven't been eating though!  And I have been taking pictures of the new things we've eaten so there are several new recipes coming.  Some of them will be a bit out of season and I apologize for that.

On the home front look at the kitchen we found!

Our new kitchen!  Yay!

It is fantastic!  Very inspiring and great to cook in.  There is so much more to come.  I have recently been exploring roasting. And should have some great recipes for you shortly.

Thank you for your patience!  And I'll be posting recipes soon.  Later today in fact!


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