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Vanilla Pear Jam

My friend, Tree, brought this to my attention several months ago.  She had made it and was enjoying it with a biscuit and Irish cheddar.  *sigh*  How I wish she lived closer!!

She found the recipe on the Food in Jars website.  It is a great website to check out especially if you are into canning.  I found recipes for pear lavender jam, pear with brown sugar and cardamom, and strawberry vanilla as well as the vanilla pear made here.

Vanilla Pear Jam- flecks of vanilla bean.  Yum!

This recipe started me on the path to making jams, jellies and preserves.  So there's more to come...

Vanilla Pear Jam
makes 2- 8 oz jars
3 Bartlett pears, I peeled, cored and chopped the pears
1/2 vanilla bean, split and scraped
1/2 cup sugar

I placed all the ingredients except the pectin into a small sauce pan and allowed it to sit until the sugar had pulled liquid from the fruit.  Cook over high or medium-high heat until it boils.  Cook until the pears are soft, and the liquid thickens.  Taste and balance sugar if necessary.  Pour into warmed jars and allow to cool. Refrigerate.

Just opened and already almost half gone.
I leave the pears in chunks.  Some of them cook down into sauce but most stay in chunks.  It makes for a great juicy pear burst in your mouth sensation while eating.  This is sensational on biscuits and, according to my friend, with Irish cheddar. 



Tree Dellinger said...

Thinking of new combinations for jam reminds me of all those lunch hours we spent brainstorming new scent combinations for making soap. : )

Michelle said...

Doesn't though? That was fun. Guess we'll have to brain storm on our virtual lunches now...

I still make soap once in a while.

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