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Champagne Mango Ice Cream

Did you know that there are over 50 varieties of mangoes?  And that mango is the most consumed fruit in the world?  (The last comes from Fruit Ninja's fruit facts... so take it with a grain of salt, or a slice of mango.)

Champagne mango ice cream.

Champagne Mangoes

Until I went to Virginia Beach two years ago and met one very fun Brit who introduced me to champagne mangoes, I had only known the one type of mango commonly found in our local grocery stores. 

You know the green and red one.  Looks a bit like Christmas and tastes like tropical sunshine.  I liked mangoes.  But... one bite of the champagne mango and I discovered another whole "mango-y" obsession.  When fully ripe they are like mango flavored sugar cubes.  When just shy of full ripeness and that over the top sweetness, they are sweet and tart.  With a "mango flavor" but different.  (It's like the different varieties of grapes... they all taste like grapes but they don't all taste the same.)  I can't find them in the grocery around here very often and they are usually expensive.  Last week our Stop N Shop had them 10/$10.  I was good.  I only bought five.    I used one to make a mango, onion, and new potato dish (Later this week.  Sheesh.  We're here for the ice cream, remember?).  Only one... I tend to hoard these.  Make them last as long as possible.

Then last night I wanted ice cream.  Something unusual.  Different.  Tropical.  Mango!

So a little of this and a little of that, two of the precious champagne mangoes, an hour of chill time (during which I made cinnamon rolls-- don't worry.  I'm not holding out on you.  They'll be along in a day or so.  Concentrate, will you?  Ice cream today.) and 30 minutes later- perfection!  The adults (Mark, Marcia and I) were positively delighted.  It was almost swoon worthy.  It was cool and smooth, a initial pop of coconut cream followed by the distinctive champagne mango taste with a cream finish.  Not overly sweet, by design, it was a perfect end to the weekend.

And... it was pretty darned good for breakfast this morning too.  It'll be fantastic tonight after the kids are asleep and I commandeer the television.  There's definitely more in the making.  Champagne mangoes are only available here for a short time.  Have to make it while we can.

Champagne Mango Ice Cream

1 15 oz can coconut milk
Smooth Creamy Mango Ice Cream!
15 oz water
1/3 cup agave nectar
2 Tablespoons arrow root powder
2 champagne mangoes (peeled and pitted)

Blend the mangoes with 1/4 cup coconut milk.  Add a bit of water to thin out if needed.  Make sure the mangoes are very smooth.  Set aside.

In a sauce pan combine the rest of the coconut milk and the water stir well.  Remove 1/4 cup of the milk and mix in 2 Tablespoons of arrowroot powder.  Set aside.  Heat remaining milk in pan.  Bring to a simmer but not up to a full boil.  Remove from heat and add the arrowroot mixture.  Stir well.  This mixture will thicken quite a bit.  Pour into a bowl and add mango puree and agave and stir thoroughly.  Chill well.  (I use a metal bowl in the freezer for about an hour.)

Pour into ice cream freezer and process according to manufacturer's instructions.  Ours take 20-30 minutes.

As a note-- the kids didn't like this one.  They don't like fruit ice creams apparently.  That's okay though.  It just leaves more for me.  Yay!


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